With the world getting remote in many ways and law firms too are transforming the work culture, there is various software out there helping to manage the law firms increasing productivity among attorneys and lawyers. While some lack many features related to law practices, TagMyFav provides features the way it can use in many cases either it be drafting a case brief or while receiving and sending an email to the clients.

    Legal Documents Citation

    TagMyFav’s add-in on Microsoft Word helps lawyers and attorneys to manage their documents with citations and hyperlinking for the legal briefings. One can save all their browsing sessions with the Chrome Extension available and surf them through the Word plugin, to hyperlink and cite texts which can be time-saving during court dates and hearings.

    Automated URLs Extractor

    An attorney or a law firm receives hundreds of emails in a day and managing those emails and informational URLs is a hassle without properly organizing them. TagMyFav add-in on Outlook helps to extract the URLs and save them categorically as a case-specified folder. Those URLs later can be of help during citing or drafting a document.

    Digital Briefs

    E-briefs or digital briefs help to counsel the matter minimizing the delay and maximizing the effectiveness of brief during a court hearing. Keeping all the resources in track and management of them according to the cases whether the resources came on Microsoft Teams or as an email on Outlook, TagMyFav helps to perfectly categorize and helps during the drafting of the digital brief.

    Documents Management System

    TagMyFav as a bookmarking manager helps to save URLs and articles from Microsoft Teams, Word, Outlook, and Browser Extensions within Microsoft 365 platforms, it also assists law firms to manage the documents as well. Files sent while having conversations with clients can be saved as a link and accessed later during court dates and hearings.

    Case-specified Manager and Teams

    Law firms can create teams and group chats based on the case and share resources only limited to that specific team, making the resources only available between the client and the attorney working on it. TagMyFav’s integration within Microsoft 365 applications helps to make resources accessible anytime and anywhere between the people involved in the case.


    TagMyFav’s integration with the Microsoft Partner Legal Tool LawToolBox helps with managing matters as well as resources within the LawToolBox user environment making it easier for attorneys to stay organized. Your need for better management of your legal files and resources has been fulfilled.

    This integration helps with organizing files, URLs, and even conversations for attorneys in their respective collections on TagMyFav, making it accessible in LawToolBox itself. One doesn’t need to hassle through different apps for keeping track of documents increasing productivity.

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