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TagMyFav works with Business Office365 license as well Office 365 for Education license .You must have a valid Office 365 account  to use the app.

Please check the Microsoft site for licenses:

You must have a valid Office 365 business license to signup. You can signup for free trial by going to following site:

Free trial is for 30 days and by default provides 5 licenses, so you could add 5 users within the same organization for trial.  Free trial subscription gives you access to all of following apps with full features enabled:

  1. App for Microsoft Teams
  2. App for Microsoft Outlook
  3. Chrome browser extension
  4. Access to Web app i.e
  5. Admin portal for managing users and organization bookmarks.

Please note sign up form free trial does not require any credit/debit card or bank transactions.

App only stores the links, title, icon and description  for the purposes of linking. App does not store the actual content inside the links.

How to deploy app for organizations?


Free Trial

Payment Methods

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Microsoft Teams

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Browser Extension

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Microsoft Outlook

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how to add users to subscriptions?

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Microsoft Word

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