Saving important resources from your emails in Microsoft Outlook.

TagMyFav in Outlook

Whenever you set yourself on the journey to launch a project at work, or complete an intricate assignment on the deadline, or find a resolution to an open-ended problem, yet none of those attainments feels quite as rewarding as that rare moment when your email inbox is clear. Nonetheless, there is a more reliable way to deal with your pending emails by automating your inbox. You can truly achieve a thoroughly organized inbox and can easily save all your important resources by taking the advantage of the famous and bizarre features within Microsoft Outlook with an added extension of TagMyfav.

Top 5 things that you can do in Outlook with the help of TagMyFav:

       1. Organize your emails into separate folders or collections:

If you want to streamline and organize your email use, this is the foremost step. But it can be the most frustrating one as well. If you have an overflowing inbox loaded with recurring kinds of emails, organizing and bookmarking your emails and resources into separate folders as per their usage is the most intuitive and obvious way to save your time, energy and resources. With TagMyFav saving and searching for resources emails and files is way easier than it is on any other app.

       2. Take ultimate advantage of Outlook’s easy and efficient email templates:

If you find yourself rewriting similar kinds of messages over and over again, then you can easily save that selective message/ email as a template within Outlook. And with the help of TagMyFav’s next-gen features, you can add certain references or keywords to that selective email too, which eventually makes your hunt more navigating. Your Outlook is eternally there for you accompanying with TagMyFav’s ultimate features.

       3. Save valuable emails, schedule events, and notes as documents on your desktop with TagMyFav:

This special feature would not only help you in streamlining your inbox but will also allow you to access important messages and events easily. Simply, drag an email, calendar entry, or other note onto your desktop or into a folder and you are ready to access your files anytime you want. Providentially, if you have TagMyFav, you get another novel feature of accessing your files from anywhere, on any device and at any time zone. Cool. isn’t it?

       4. Display all your emails as conversations:

You can easily make those long email threads a little easier to manage by showing all connected notes in one conversation view which makes your work even more smooth and more seamless. You can also organize these kinds of email conversations by bookmarking them to access everything, whenever you want — with just a single click. Don’t hesitate to make your Microsoft environment even more productive and intuitive with TagMyFav.

       5. Adopt Outlook’s web-based features:

Microsoft Outlook and other modern versions of Microsoft stirred to a more efficient tech-based approach to access email /calendar /contact on a web page or a browser, which makes it smoother to access on any device. With TagMyFav you can always add an extension to your browser to access emails, files, articles, blogs etc. — with your bookmarking partner handy.

With all things said, an organized and systematic company or business is way more reliable and credible than a cluttered one. With TagMyFav, you not only organize your Microsoft Outlook, files and documents but also reflect how clearly oriented your goals are. Not to mention, TagMyFav also reflects how smart you are and to be honest every smart business owner would want to make a great impression on clients, customers and even their own employees. When are you becoming smart with TagMyFav?