Problems with Traditional Bookmarking and its solution!

Having a large number of resources to manage is inconvenient. However, that is no longer the case! Due to the fact that there are numerous bookmarking management applications available to handle bookmarked resources, links, and URLs. While they offer a variety of functions, some are lacking and so cannot be trusted with the data we store there. 

Consider saving a few URLs in Chrome and then losing them completely during data migration to other devices. Simply saving a link is also a limited feature that many bookmarking managers now offer. However, there are some elite players in the game. With the world becoming increasingly remote as a result of the pandemic, many organizations and institutions have opted for remote learning and working with Microsoft 365. 

And hundreds of resources are shared on a daily basis amongst coworkers, clients, students, and teachers. Saving and sharing them is also a burden that employees must deal with on a daily basis. These types of issues in an organization result in decreased productivity and an increase in the number of times employees are required to look for resources rather than working. 

As there are other bookmarking managers available at the moment, the one with the most functionality is TagMyFav. TagMyFav is a bookmarking solution for Microsoft 365 that enables you to save, share, and send your favorite resources, articles, links, and URLs via an add-in and web-app that are available on several Microsoft 365 platforms.  

Making it shareable via Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams chats, as well as hyperlinking and inserting material into Microsoft Word. As a bookmark manager, TagMyFav assists educational institutions, law firms, corporations, and support teams in a variety of ways with managing their resources. 

Getting TagMyFav today helps you to get managed and organized with your resources as well as saving more time for work and increasing productivity. Start your free trial here.