App For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the powerful collaborative platforms exists in M365. Often times Organization Team needs to keep the list of urls for there project work, learning plan or for intranet portals.Every employee needs to keep track of intranet portal for Leave request or payslip or even for learning materials. With online learning in place, Students needs to keep track of multiple YouTube videos or study material links either in notepad or in browser-based plugins/apps. With this Teams integration, team users can keep track of their link within Microsoft Teams and be able to share with Team.Our unique offering allows pushing the important links to Team from admin. So if a new employee onboards, all the links can be pushed to him/her directly in the teams rather than on email where it gets buried as in when work load increases.

Make your team collaboration more  efficient with TagMyFav. Try Microsoft Teams add-ins.

Whether you are chatting
with a person, group or
Teams, TagMyFav is available
in every chat with Messaging
Extension app

Never leave the links behind
or an important
conversation, tag it
quickly with Task Module app

Manage your personal
favorites or Teams favorites
with in Microsoft Teams Tab app


You can directly add links from any conversation of your Teams to your TagMyFav

Your saved links in TagMyFav can also be shared easily into conversations and messages within Teams.

You can share your collection with the users of your Teams.

Your collection can also be shared with Teams as well.