Increase Productivity Through
Bookmark Management in Microsoft 365
for Education

Bookmark managers help drive efficiency and collaborative learning to another level in Microsoft 365 for Education. Losing the resources while managing tons of links has always been a problem during research. Managing and distributing them in an organized manner can also be tedious. In which, Bookmaking Solution can come to help. Bookmark managers help to empower engagement and collaborative learning in institutions using Microsoft 365 Education.

  • Accessible and Always Available in Microsoft 365

Bookmarking Solution offers management of links and resources found during research and findings. Bookmarks managers integrated with MS Teams, Chrome Extension and MS Word and the plugins available in Microsoft 365 help to use the links in all those channels. In educational institutions, resources made available by subject teachers, organization admins are always within the web-app and can be worked with directly on sending links to MS Teams during the classes. Or while writing assignments, students can use them in MS Word for inserting hyperlinks and putting on the link itself with a single click, which can help drive the efficiency of education in Microsoft 365.

  • Synced to Students and Teachers in Chrome, MS Word, and MS Teams

Resources shared by the admins of institutions are synced with the teachers and students at the same time regarding some notice, or anything the admins have to share. The saved links and resources being synced with them helps transparency in the organization. The transparency offered in turn helps to engage students and teachers to work efficiently and effectively. Empowering Microsoft 365 Education with transparency and collaborative learning, bookmarking managers help educational institutions stay managed.

  • Own Workspace with Online Resources Distribution in Microsoft 365 for Education

Teachers involved in the institution can create their own category within Bookmark managers available for their particular subject and share the resources online with their students. Shared resources along with the time can also be used when the future batch of students arrive. Teachers can group the students based on group projects or assignments regarding a specific field and share resources only within them.

  • Assistance with Managing Digital Resources in Microsoft 365 for Education

With the shared space between students and teachers, there are rooms and categories for administrators and teachers to work through too. Admins collaborating with the coordinators in the shared spaces helps manage the resources being distributed. As there will be many resources and links shared within the workspaces of different subjects and teachers, coordinators can categorize them within the designated folders and categories for easier access to resources. That can help the institutions stay managed and find the right resource with just a single click.

  • Efficient Collaborative Learning in Microsoft 365 Education

Compilation of resources available in bookmarking managers for Microsoft 365, encourages teachers and students to collaborate efficiently. With the saving the organizing teacher’s favorite websites, videos, documents, articles, and more –  all in one place using folders, labeling, and creating the perfect web platform for Microsoft 365 in Education, for teachers and students.

TagMyFav is a bookmarking solution used to save, share and send favorite links within Microsoft 365. TagMyFav automatically reads the hyperlinks and categorizes them for you to save in a web app or plugin available in MS Word. It helps to save all the open tabs as a browser session with extensions available in Chrome and Edge. TagMyFav empowers collaborative learning through sharing and managing valuable resources and links in MS Teams. Overall, TagMyFav helps to drive the efficiency and effectiveness in learning in Microsoft 365 for Education.