Save Links

Microsoft Teams allows you to manage, categorize, and visualize your bookmarks. It assists in the collection of relevant links in link lists and different categories, allowing you to keep a better overview and quickly find your links.

Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, falls short in the area where you store a large number of links and then find it tough to retrieve the particular link you are looking for. Furthermore, it is only available in Teams, which makes it more difficult when composing a document or email in Word or Outlook and having to navigate here and there for the link and hyperlinking it.

TagMyFav comes into play at this point. TagMyFav is a bookmarking solution for Microsoft 365 that integrates with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, and browsers such as Chrome and Edge.

TagMyFav, which is available on all Microsoft platforms, makes it easier for users to store, tag, and share relevant links with colleagues while also saving them for future use. You can utilize your links privately or share them with others on any Microsoft platform with a few clicks.

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