Table of Conversation

With every group discussion, your valuable conversation that needs to be bookmarked gets misplaced between stacks of messages like a needle in a haystack. TagMyFav allows you to organize conversations in Microsoft Teams by allowing you to create a table of conversation. Select the desired conversation from your group discussion or study conversations that you want to save and organize using TagMyFav.

Teams conversation

Saves all your browser

tab session in just one click

For educators or students, researching and finding studies might become a daunting endeavor if they are not able to manage them and catalog them in a secure manner. As the links and bookmarks grow gradually along with the research, managing them can be a difficult chore. With TagMyFav’s extensional integration with Chrome, one can save all their browser sessions into the desired collection with a single click. It makes them easier to manage these saved links and allows them to share them with other faculty members as well.

Automatically reads

hyperlinks while  reading documents

and manages them.

While working in MS Word documents, TagMyFav automatically lists down the available hyperlinks attached to the document while you’re reading it, so you won’t miss out on any of your valuable links in the document. Also, the students or teachers can easily access their saved materials with TagMyFav Word Integration and let them hyperlink texts and insert links with a single click, making the work much more effective and saving a greater amount of their valuable time.

Captures all your

email links, as when you

go through your Outlook mail.

TagMyFav offers you the possibility to transform your Outlook into a managed repository of valuable information and insights to always be unbarricaded at your institution, helping you to be more productive and efficient. You never have to worry about missing out on any important links related to your research or studies, attached to your emails, as TagMyFav will automatically list them for you.

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