Empowering Collaborative Learning with
TagMyFav for Microsoft 365 Education

It’s common for educators and learners to search for information over the web to gain knowledge from several different resources. Doing research in search of information on the web is a time-consuming and tedious job. Not being able to categorize the articles and bookmark the findings accordingly can be a messier situation, especially when the teacher or professor has tons of links and documents to keep track of. The traditional bookmarking method lacks many features, such as tagging and sharing saved bookmarks with fellow teachers, students, and other faculty members. Categorizing all those links and articles can sometimes lead to losing bookmarks and losing the project all over.

Microsoft 365 for Education is a powerful platform with several apps such as Microsoft Teams, Word, and Outlook to empower education. With the cloud-based modal, remote learning during the pandemic has been very easy for all. TagMyFav is an extension to multiple apps for Microsoft 365 that provides a great bookmark management system integrated for classroom collaboration. With our browser extension, educators can save important links and share them with the class or fellow tutors in Microsoft Teams. While creating an assignment or solving an assignment, useful links are always available in MS Word.

TagMyFav for Microsoft 365 education prioritizes students’ well-being and promotes inclusive learning environments, along with helping teachers keep all their research files documented for future batches of students.