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Browser Extension

Web browsers have been evolved over the years, and massive amounts of content are being introduced to the web. How can you deal with such a vast influx of data if you don’t have a system in place to organize your favourite tabs?TagMyFav promises to make your life easier by removing the fear of missing any of the tabs you have opened after putting in so much time and effort. It enables you to save all your tabs at the same time and share it with your teams.Let’s Save.Share.Send.Tag your favourite tabs.

Save Share and Share your links to your teams from your browser. Try it in Chrome

It’s easy to manage your
favorite tabs through
TagMyFav. Just open your
browser and click TagMyFav

Have you find out your
favourite website and want
to save it safely? Open
TagMyFav browser extension
and Click Add current Tab
then your current tab will be
saved safely to your desired

Ever find yourself with
number of tabs open but
don’t want to close your
Save them all to a “Browser
(Chrome)” folder!