The newest version of Microsoft 365 is here, let’s see what all it has.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is a subscription package offered by Microsoft. Launched in the year 2017, July 10th, Microsoft office is an exceptional asset for enterprises. Apart from letting you use its innovative office apps it also empowers the users to collaborate and connect with a global network. Microsoft rebranded and refurbished the Office 365 package in the year 2020 with a focus laid upon small and mediocre businesses. Some of the few updates that you might notice on the Microsoft 365 front would be:

1. Biggest news: You don’t need Microsoft 365 subscription:

Yes, it’s true You don’t want to subscribe to Microsoft 365? It’s okay you can still access it, you just have to buy a one-time purchase Office 2021 package and you can easily access your selected applications by the end of this year.

2. You’ll get a “History” menu on the Microsoft Teams Desktop front:

You can now access all the recently visited pages and web links with just a single tap. You will also get options to navigate back and forth and then you can easily bookmark those with your TagMyFav app plug-in.

3. Approvals in Teams is now generally available:

Approvals app will be easily accessible to everyone from now onwards. Users can effortlessly start an approval flow in the Microsoft Teams app within a chat or a channel conversation. You can simply fill in the name of the request for the one who needs to approve it. Not to mention you can also add attachments and create custom responses or replies to alter the needs of your business or enterprise.

4. Integration of Outlook with a better meeting option:

If you’re the one who uses the desktop version to access Outlook, Microsoft is coming up with an update to integrate a plugin with which you can easily launch meetings by just a single button “ meet now” on your calendar and that’s about it. You’ll be redirected to launch a meeting of more than 40 participants along with more distribution lists.

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