Save. Share. Send. — TagMyFav Bookmark solution for Microsoft 365 is launched!

Working within the provinces of Microsoft 365 is truly secure and smooth. However, what if we tell you that you can maximize your time and efficiency within Microsoft 365 with an uniquely composed bookmark solution —  TagMyFav. Desktop or mobile, wheresoever you access your Microsoft Office, TagMyFav will act as an ally to help you in saving, sharing and sending the resources quite easily and not just that, it will definitely make your task 10 times more organized, segregated and oriented.

What is a Bookmark Solution and why is it essential to have?

A bookmark solution like TagMyFav solely acts as your central portal/platform for saving, storing, collecting and sharing resources like URLs, conversations, emails and other such information that concerns a company and/or its employees. Not to mention, TagMyFav works as a secure cloud base that allows you unmatched capabilities inside both your collaborative and unconventional workspaces.

You can always add TagMyFav to your browser with a simple extension feature that would in return work as a valuable asset to keeping an organized and up-to-date record of your company data. This might include employee specifications and scheduling, project elements/details and department-specific data that is available to relevant parties. This information is easily distributed with selected employees, as access is completely customizable to business administrators at all times.

Unquestionably, Microsoft Teams is one of the influential collaborative platforms that exist in Microsoft 365. Usually, the companies that opt for Microsoft Teams require a list of URLs for their project work, progress report, research, learning plan or intranet portals and sharing all of those within the entire workforce can be a daunting task. Apparently, that’s where our unique offering TagmyFav comes into play, it allows pushing the important links and resources to Microsoft Teams from the admin portal. Not to get unnoticed, if a new employee onboards, all the links can be delivered to him/her undeviatingly in the Teams rather than on email where it gets buried along with other resources.

The other two remarkably quintessential apps for office 365 happen to be Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. Where the former is popular for connecting all the email accounts, scheduling meetings and keeping files on the spot, the latter is famous for word processing within your documents. In that case, TagMyFav offers you to transform your Microsoft Outlook into a managed storehouse of relevant information and insights to be always un-barricaded at work and therefore, helps you to be more prolific and efficient. Since TagMyFav allows you to access your saved URLs from anywhere within the Microsoft environment and anything saved from Chrome as well, having Outlook links, emails & conversations on your tips can be your forte.

Lastly, with the extension on your Microsoft Word, you can automatically read and visit hyperlinks while you are reading or editing your documents. The TagMyFav pop-up bar that appears on the right side of your screen will easily allow you to navigate between your document and your hyperlinks.

Still, having second thoughts? we’ll suggest scheduling a demo session with TagMyFav today.