TagMyFav for Outlook

TagMyFav for Microsoft Outlook brings you an easy bookmarking solution that helps you save your favorites from everyday email conversations. We can easily add our links from TMF while writing an email in Outlook without wasting time searching for it.

How to Install TagMyFav in Outlook?

  • For installing TagMyFav in Outlook, we can either get the TMF outlook add-in by visiting the AppSource for Microsoft from the following link: Click Here

  • Or we can search for the TMF app in the Outlook store. We can find the “Get Add-ins” tab in the upper toolbar of the outlook app. After clicking on the tab, we open a box with lists of add-ins, and we can also find a search box where we search for TagMyFav.

  • After that, click on the “Add” button and then click on “Continue” to agree to the provider’s license terms and privacy policy.

  • Your TMF app is successfully installed in outlook. You can go to add-ins and find your TMF add-ins from where you can enjoy all the features that will help you manage and organize your links in the email.

  • Once you open your TMF add-ins, you can see that your TMF sidebar appears with all the available links or hyperlinks that are present on your selected emails automatically by accessing it, making your work more productive and time-efficient.

How to add links from Emails?

With TagMyFav in outlook, you do not have to worry about digging into your stacks of emails to find your necessary links. TagMyFav easily captures all your links as you go through your email making you and your work more productive and time-efficient.

  •  To add these links from emails to your collection, we first need to open the email with the links to add to the collection and select the TagMyFav from add-ins.

  • All the available links attached to your particular email are serially listed and displayed on a sidebar of TMF.

  • With each link, we can see a “+” icon which when clicked displays a dialog box with information of the links including its title, link itself, its collection, and the description.

  • Then finally, click the Submit button and our links are successfully added to the collection.

How to add Email as a link?

  • To save the Emails as links in our collection in TMF, we need to first open our TagMyFav from add-ins which will open our TagMyFav sidebar in the outlook. We can see there that a button named “Bookmark this email”.

  • The “Bookmark this email” button on clicked displays a dialog box with the description of the link, which is the option given to create a collection as an email and then finally click the submit button. This is how our email is added as a link to a team conversation.

How to add links while writing an Email?

  • TagMyFav allows the feature to add saved links from your collection to your emails. To insert the links while writing the emails, we need to open the TMF from the add-ins which displays the list of links saved into your collection. Choose the desired link which you want to insert into your email and right-click on it. It will display several options from which you select “Insert into Email” and simply you can find that your link has been inserted into your email.

  • Similarly, we can also add a hyperlink to any specific desired word of your choice. For this, select or highlight the word. Then we open the TagMyFav add-ins and select the desired link and right-click on it. We can find an option for “Insert Hyperlink” which when clicked, a hyperlink is created for the word we have highlighted.