TagMyFav for Microsoft Teams

TagMyFav, your partner for better collaboration and communication, is here to solve all your issues regarding managing your links by providing an efficient bookmarking solution for you to use. Managing your bookmarks between different collaborative platforms of Microsoft 365 and browsers has never been so efficient and easy before. TagMyFav is available for platforms like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Word, and the browsers Google Chrome and Edge.

TagMyFav is an advanced bookmarking solution that provides unique features for all different platforms, with the common goal of seamlessly organizing your important links. Also, syncing your bookmarks between all these browsers has been made possible with the help of TagMyFav. You can easily access your important links from any browser, Teams, Outlook, or even MS-Word, anytime, anywhere.

Organizing your important links is just a click away with TagMyFav. So why wait? Install on all Microsoft 365 platforms to get the most out of it.

  • For installation of the application in Microsoft Teams, you simply need to follow a few basic steps. First, you need to locate the “Apps” tab in MS Teams from where you need to search for the TagMyFav application.

  • Once you find it, click on TagMyFav, which will open an information dialog box where you’ll see an “Add” button. Simply click on the Add button, and your TagMyFav will be installed on your Teams.

  • You will then see a welcome card that directs us to sign up or provides us with information if further help is required.

With this Teams integration, team users can keep track of their links within Microsoft Teams and be able to share them with Team.

So, firstly How do you add your links from any conversation of your Teams to your TagMyFav?

  • Your TagMyFav application has been installed and activated in your Teams, so now you can open any Teams collection or conversation from where you want to save your links or attachments to your bookmark collection in your TMF app. Then click on that link or attachment you want to save. After you’ve selected your desired link, right-click the message where you’ll see that a dialog box appears with several options. Among these options, you can find an option “More Action” which, when clicked, leads us to your desired option of TagMyFav.


  • Following the TagMyFav option, you will find that a submission box for TagMyFav appears with all the details of the links you want to save, including the QR Code, the title, the type, category, and description box for the link you are trying to save.

  • Now, simply select the “Submit” button and the message will be immediately added to TagMyFav as a collection. This is simply how you can save links from Teams chat, group chat, meeting, or even personal chat.

You can not only save links but also share these links to conversations and messages within Teams. So, how do you share your links with Teams?

  • After you have successfully installed the TagMyFav application in your Teams, you will find that a new messaging extension has been activated.

  • After clicking on the messaging extension, you’ll find a task module app for TagMyFav from where you can open the TMF dialog box and use all of its features for managing and organizing your links from teams.

To share the links with teams or with users, all you need to do is access the same messaging extension from the Teams collection or from the conversation chat box with your teammates where you want to share the link. After you click the extension, find the bookmark that you want to share and add it as a message. Then right-click on it, where you will see an option to “Insert into chat”.

  • Click on it and viola, your desired link is easily and quickly added to the team conversation or wherever you require in the Teams.



How to share with users?

To share any of your collections with the users of your teams, all you have to do is simply select the collection you desire to share and right-click on it. Once you right-click, you will see a dialog box with a variety of options from which you need to select the “Share with User” option.

  • It displays the list of users from your teams where you can easily add and remove the users and send the collection directly to the number of users you want to send.

  • After you add the users you want to share with, click the “Submit” button. This is how your collection is shared with users.

How to share the collection with Teams?

Like sharing the links to users or teams, TagMyFav also provides the feature of sharing the collection as a whole with the teams as well.

  • Select the Messaging extension and open the TMF app from where you can choose the collection you want to share with the team.

  • After that, right-click on the desired collection you want to share, where several options are displayed from which select and click the “Share with Teams” option.

  • After that, your Collection is shared with Teams and the Shared logo is shown beside the collection.

How to import browsers’ bookmarks?

Keeping your bookmark links in sync between different browsers has always been a difficult task to manage. But with TagMyFav syncing your links between browsers and also your Microsoft platforms, have been made super-efficient. You can simply import your browser’s bookmarks into TagMyFav and then it can be accessed from any of your Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and even Microsoft Word anytime and anywhere.

  • To import the browser’s bookmarks into TagMyFav, first you need to open TagMyFav and select the collection where you want to import your bookmarks. Right-click on the selected collection where we’ll see a variety of options from which you need to select “Import Bookmarks from File”.

  • After that, you’ll see a dialog box where you need to enter a Collection Name and choose a file that can be imported from the browser and then click Upload.

  • This is simply how your bookmarks are imported into the collection.